The first online conference with branches

The first online conference of Oncology and Radiology with regional branches was held

On February 2, this year, the first online conference was held with the participation of the Center for Oncology and Radiology and 15 of its branches. Opening the conference, Professor Tillashaykh M. N. warmly welcomed all the participants, and then immediately outlined the main directions and perspectives in the forthcoming discussion, among which a special attention was paid to issues of moral support cancer patients and to monitor the number of patients whose data are included in the “iron notebook”.

The director of the center, Professor M. N. Tillyashaykhov, instructed all branches with the participation of regional curators to organize home visits to familiarize themselves with the living conditions of each family listed in this notebook, as well as to clarify the financial condition of the family in order to provide medical support to cancer patients. It is also necessary to detail the issues of patient care, as well as the amount allocated for their treatment.
The next question was devoted to such a young and still little-used area as telemedicine. Today, this area is extremely relevant, since modern technologies and telecommunications are used for remote provision of medical and consulting services. Thanks to VKS, medical workers can not only examine patients remotely, but also hold consultations, collect anamnesis, request and send information about the course of diseases, determine further tactics of examination and treatment according to the standards accepted in the republic. It is proposed to conduct a weekly consultation by telemedicine on Wednesdays at 15.00.

In addition, the conference discussed issues related to the implementation of trips to the regions. The branch directors are instructed to widely cover the work done in the local and national media, to provide conditions for specialists to conduct lectures, master classes, demonstration operations and trips to remote areas of the region.
Summing up the results of the conference, Professor Tillyashaykhov stressed the importance of presentations on issues related to oncology, which should be covered not only in the media, but also in scientific journals. He also noted that such online conferences will be held weekly every Tuesday.
At the end of the meeting, the Director of the center expressed gratitude for the open discussion of pressing issues and the exchange of views.

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