Oncology Center awarded “4-star” status»

The Republican Center of Oncology and Radiology was awarded the status of a “4-star” medical institution

During the three-month inspection of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology, the Association of Medical Tourism of the Republic of Uzbekistan awarded the center the status of a “4-star” medical institution.

The main criteria for evaluating the work of the center were:

-design capacity of the hospital;

-terms of purchase of modern high-tech medical equipment;

-the level of qualification of medical personnel;

-availability of high-tech medical services unique to the Republic of Uzbekistan;

-availability of an electronic document management system;

-high level of service provided.

It is important to note here that the initiative of the Association of Medical Tourism of Uzbekistan to analyze the activities of health institutions of the republic in the field of medical tourism and differentiate them by “star” categories, served as a good incentive to improve the quality of medical and service services provided in them. This is evidenced by the speeches of almost all the heads and persons responsible for the development of medical tourism of institutions that have received a particular status.

Objective criteria, specially developed on the basis of ISO and adapted to the real conditions of the republic, allowed the heads of medical institutions to take a new look at the existing problems that hinder the development of medical tourism, and to outline ways to solve them. Moreover, as practice has shown, the solution of some of them did not require any special effort and material costs.

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