In the Republican Oncological Scientific Center of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1999, was created the Republican Center of Medical Assistance in Radiation Accidents. In 1999. when the Rcmpra was established, Aibek Yusupovich Atabekov was appointed head of the center, 1946.R.

Since 2010 head of the center Irmatov is Ziyadhan Abilovna, 1958. In 1976 he entered and Tashkent state medical Institute on medical faculty and in 1982 graduated with honors. In 1982 she was assigned to the Institute of Oncology and radiology as a radiologist, from 1994 to 1999 worked as a head. radiotherapy Department. From 1999 to the present time radiologist of the highest category in the same Department. In 1982 passed monthly specializing in radiotherapy in Leningrad ENGINEER them.N. Petrova, in 1989. (1 month) and 1990. in Moscow VNZO them Blokhina decoupling radiation therapy, in 1997. in Hungary, Budapest, in 1998. in Germany, the clinic Charite of the University of Gambold, in England, London, in 2002. Poland, Katowice and in 2007. in India, Rockland Hospital. In 2004. she defended her thesis for the title of candidate of medical Sciences on the topic: “New technology of complex treatment of patients with breast cancer of the generalized stage”.

2015 through the real time works in RCERA a radiologist Yunusov the his grandmother Alimdjanovich. Teaches radiation therapy to doctors, honey. sisters and physicist-engineers, technicians. He made suggestions for improving the curriculum. Teaches students courses, decadent workshops, modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of acute radiation injuries in radiation accidents. Also maintains current accounting documentation on the established forms. Made up of a contract with Tashuv ” On joint cycles of specialization and professional development. He takes an active part in clinical, radiological, clinical, anatomical and other conferences.

Ravshan Tursunov Bahtiyorovich, 2013. at the present time works as a doctor-radiologist Teaches radiation therapy doctors, honey. sisters and physicist-engineers. Makes suggestions for improving the curriculum. Tursunov Ravshan Bakhtiyarovich, also teaches students courses, seminars of modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of acute radiation injuries in radiation accidents. Maintenance of current accounting documentation on the established forms. Made up of a contract with Tashuv ” On joint cycles of specialization and advanced training. He takes an active part in clinical, radiological, clinical, anatomical and other conferences.

Makhmudov of Gulnoza Ravshan qizi, 2014. at the present time works as a lab assistant . Prepares audiences (training rooms), demonstration materials for conducting classes with students. Provides assistance to the doctor-teacher in the preparatory work on the topic of classes with cadets. Individually works with the average medical staff during the study. Promotes continuous updating and maintenance of demonstration materials.

Abdunazarov Shokhrukh acre ugli, 2015. at the present time is technician – radiation monitor. Qualified technician-programmer. Provides assistance to the doctor in the preparatory work on the topic. Together with the radiologist organizes and conducts training on occupational health and safety.

During the existence of the center developed regulations on the Center, developed functional duties of employees, compiled a training program for radiation therapists and radiologists, training program for medical personnel on the basis of which classes are conducted, monitoring of dosimeters, collected information on the areas of existing equipment and staff directly working with radiation devices, signed an agreement with Tashgu. Classes were held with doctors (senior and Junior researchers, graduate students and clinical residents) of the Republican cancer research center, med.the staff of other medical institutions, as well as with the staff of technical orientation of various departments. The main purpose of training of technical personnel is to learn the basics of radiation safety to understand the specifics of human exposure to ionizing radiation in natural and industrial conditions, to ensure radiation safety of personnel and the population and, if necessary, prompt provision of competent medical assistance to victims of radiation exposure.

The clinic has consulting and diagnostic rooms; 2 chambers in the radiological Department (12 beds); sector of the diagnostic laboratory.

Medical advice for radiation injuries, acute radiation sickness (SDS) and chronic radiation sickness (CKD) in outpatient and inpatient settings. Their hospitalization in the Department of radiology, which allocated 2 chambers (in constant readiness), designed mainly to clarify the diagnosis and conduct detailed studies.

The above courses are conducted on the basis of Tashiev MOH of the Republic of Uzbekistan with the assistance of officers from among the highly qualified medical personnel with clinical experience and teaching experience in an appropriate field in medical and other Universities of the Republic, has repeatedly participated in the training seminars. Students who have successfully completed the course of study under the presented program are given the appropriate certificates.

The Center for Metrology of Radiotherapy Equipment at RSSPMC O & R is organized by combining the Republican Metrology Center with the Republican X-ray Radiology Center into a single structural unit, according to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 4, 2017. PP-2866 “Program for the further development of oncological service and improvement of oncological care to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021”.
CMRE was created to ensure the quality and safety of medical and diagnostic care provided to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan using ionizing radiation sources (IRS).


-Department of Medical Metrology of Radiotherapy;
-Consultative-methodical department of radiotherapy and radiology


The main tasks of the center are determined by the goals and objectives of the departments included in its composition:
-Ensuring maximum radiation safety of patients and staff, monitoring the rational use of ionizing methods of clinical radiology and the possibility of replacing them with non-ionizing.
-Coordination and methodological guidance, control and practical assistance to X-ray radiological departments of the Republic of Uzbekistan on dosimetric support, control of the technical condition of devices, as well as on commissioning high-tech equipment and measuring equipment in the use of ionizing radiation.

-Certification of radiotherapeutic devices (linear accelerators, gamma-therapeutic, radiotherapy, computerized tomographs-simulators, X-ray simulators, contact radiation therapy, etc.) in Uzbekistan with the issuance of a certificate of compliance. (Monitoring the compliance of radiation parameters with the normalized characteristics of radiation, mechanical and optical parameters affecting the accuracy of determining dosimetric characteristics and the quality of treatment and diagnosis of patients).
-Dosimetric certification of a therapeutic radiation beam (determination of the absorbed dose based on measurements in a water phantom under strictly defined geometrical conditions).
-Providing advice to medical institutions on the radiation safety of personnel, patients and environmental protection;
-Providing advice to medical institutions on planning and calculating radiation exposure in patients during therapeutic and diagnostic activities, recording and analyzing individual doses of personnel;
-Providing advice to medical institutions in the preparation of technical specifications for projects for the organization and reorganization of X-ray, radiological rooms, a plan for the placement of therapeutic facilities and equipment;
-The introduction of new methods of treatment and diagnostics into practice, as well as the familiarization of doctors, nurses and technicians with new X-ray and radiological equipment;
-Organization and holding of courses, seminars, thematic conferences, etc. on radiology and radiology for medical, engineering and nursing staff;
-Participation in planning the development of the X-ray and radiological network of the republic in the regions and cities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, determining the need for medical and engineering personnel, equipment, tools, special materials, etc .;
-Providing advice to medical institutions in the preparation of technical specifications for projects for the organization and reorganization of X-ray, radiological offices, departments and laboratories, the preparation of expert opinions on projects for sanitary authorities; – Participation in the commissioning of X-ray and radiological departments, classrooms, laboratories and radiotherapy facilities carried out by the authority organizations;

About the Center for Metrology and Radiotherapy Equipment

The staff of the center takes an active part in the work of international congresses, symposia and scientific conferences, are members of the professional communities of Uzbekistan and Eurasia. To achieve maximum efficiency of the center, international experience, modern technologies and the latest medical advances in the use of sources of ionizing radiation for medical and diagnostic purposes are studied, followed by the introduction of acquired knowledge into clinical practice. Of great importance in the work of the center is a visit to medical institutions in various regions of Uzbekistan for the purpose of conducting dosimetric and metrological studies, as well as providing consultative and methodological assistance in organizing and reconstructing radiation diagnostic and therapy cabinets. A promising area of activity for CEMT is the participation in the development and implementation of screening programs for cancer diagnosis using information technologies and the development of telemedicine-based counseling assistance, as well as practical assistance in training staff to work efficiently and safely on newly installed modern radiotherapy devices.
Ososkov Alexander Vladimirovich. Head of the Center for Metrology of radiotherapy equipment.Honored Health Worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan.Highest category radiologist.
Head of Metrology Department, Medical Physicist

Address: Tashkent, Shaykhantakhur district, St Farabi 383
Phone: +998(90) 972-99-29

According to the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 2866 from April 4, 2017 ” Measures for further development of oncology service and improvement of oncologic care to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan 2017-2021», order of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 148 of April 10, 2017 and the order of the Republican cancer center of April 14, 2017 on the establishment of the Republican cancer specialized scientific and practical medical center of Oncology and radiology on the basis of organizational and methodological department cancer prevention Center was established.

Cancer prevention center was established to create an effective system for the prevention and early diagnosis of cancer on the basis of internal staff reserves without the formation of a legal entity. The cancer prevention center is responsible for cancer prevention and screening, the creation of a single database (cancer registry) and the provision of coordination and methodological activities through the development of effective cancer prevention programs and the monitoring of the epidemiological situation of the disease.

Structure of prevention center

The staff of the center for cancer prevention:
1. Ph. D. Ibragimov Shavkat Narzikulovich – Director of the center
2. Ph.D Mamedova Zarifa Shukurova -doctor Department of medical statistics
3. Ph.D Imamov Olim Abdilhodjayevich -doctor of organizational and methodological Department
4. Ph.D Sabirjanova Zulfiya Rashidovna. – doctor of the Department of medical statistics
5. Djanklich Sayde Mustafaevna – head of the Department of cancer registry
6. Norboeva RanoSherboyevna – doctor Department of medical statistics
7. Ziyaeva Zarina Abduganievna
8. Bazarov Bekzod Bahtiyorovich
By order of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 350 from 29 June 2017 approved by the Charter of the center for the prevention of cancer.
To create an effective system of prevention and early detection of cancer patients, a program for the early detection of breast cancer in Namangan is being conducted.
Starting from 2019, cervical cancer screening and HPV vaccination are planned to be initiated in collaboration with WHO.
In order to create a single database of cancer patients (cancer register) will pilot implementation of the program CanReg5 in RSSPMCOR and its affiliates.