Opening of a new polyclinic…

According to the data, cancer mortality in the world ranks second after diseases of the cardiovascular system. In our country, unfortunately, 60 percent of patients come to light in the III-IV stage of the disease.

Therefore, the head of our state pays great attention to medicine, in particular, to improving the quality of specialized oncological care. The Decree of the President “On measures for the further development of oncological service and improvement of oncological assistance to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2017–2021” dated April 4, 2017 became an important legal basis for ensuring the execution of pending decisions in the area of ​​urgent tasks. As part of the execution of the resolution, the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Oncology and Radiology was established and all territorial oncological dispensaries were transformed into branches of this center. And this was a new milestone in the early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer.

As a continuation of these efforts, a new, modern building of the consultative and diagnostic polyclinic was put into operation. As a result, the possibility of early detection of cancer has increased. That is, conditions have been created for the early and clear diagnosis, effective treatment based on the most modern technologies by qualified specialists.

The construction of this modern and innovative polyclinic was carried out on the basis of the Investment Program, for a short period of time the three-storey new building was reconstructed, in the front part a two-story hall was built. This modern facility is designed for 300 visits, here are located advisory clinic, X-ray, ultrasound and endoscopic diagnostics, clinical laboratory, cancer prevention center and other departments.

The event was addressed by the Minister of Health, Alisher Shadmanov, director of the center, Professor Mirzagaleb Tillyashaykhov. In their speech, they noted that this new building created all the necessary conditions for the prevention of cancer, their prevention, early diagnosis and the implementation of a qualified, internationally standardized treatment.

The new advisory clinic will work continuously from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. There are also comfortable waiting rooms for patients and their families, designed for 180 people.

In the clinic, in order to receive patients and provide them with qualified assistance, the offices of all specialists are equipped with modern equipment and diagnostic devices. The clinic attracted leading experts to identify or deny tumors, providing for their treatment of highly qualified advice.

Now here the process of ultrasound examination will be carried out in the offices of the specialists themselves, directly working in the clinic. And this will serve to prevent large queues of patients and other various problems. Another convenience: in the advisory clinic for patients and their relatives on the first and second floors of the building and in the hall monitors are installed to monitor the electronic queue.

In addition, in order to create greater facilities for patients, a new website of the center has been launched, where you can get all the necessary information. In the advisory clinic, thanks to the establishment of an electronic registration system, citizens can make an appointment on the website using the function “Online appointment for a doctor’s appointment”.

It is worth noting that on the third floor of the new building it is planned to introduce the work of the Cancer Prevention Center, at present this center is also provided with a cancer register system, necessary devices for screening research, creating a full-fledged statistical database, computer equipment, local and general network.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health, deputies of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, representatives of the Tashkent city administration, heads of republican specialized centers participated in the opening ceremony of the new building. They inspected the offices and offices of the building, got acquainted with the created conditions.

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