Laparoscopic surgery master classes

Laparoscopic surgery master classes at the Department of Oncology-Urology of the Republican Oncology Center.
The oncourology department of the Republican Oncology Center once again hosts a master class of laparoscopic operations in oncological and urological patients. The operations are performed by Alexander Nosov: head of the surgical department of oncourology and general oncology of the Russian National Medical Research Center named after N.N. Petrov (St. Petersburg), oncologist, candidate of medical sciences, senior researcher, associate professor.
On January 27-28, 2020, a number of master classes in video-assisted operations with stages of reconstruction of the urinary reservoir are planned.
01/27/2020 Radical Cystrostatectomy was performed with the help of laparoscopic equipment with the application of a urostoma according to the Bricker method. A patient with a diagnosis of “Bladder cancer in the stage of muscle invasion, without distant and regional metastasis, with multicentric tumor growth”.
Laparoscopic surgery in oncology takes on large-scale values ​​with significant advantages compared with open surgery. One of the main conditions in surgery in cancer patients is the observance of the principles of ablastics, which in laparoscopic surgery is feasible with less blood loss in conditions of small invasion. Despite many hours of complex surgery, the postoperative recovery period in patients is much faster and easier. Patients in a significantly short time, if necessary, begin to take further special treatment. What improves the results of complex treatment.
On January 28, 2020, it is planned to carry out operations in the volume of Radical Cystoprostatekiomy with the stages of the formation of the urinary reservoir. All stages of the surgical intervention are performed on modern equipment that allows you to monitor the progress of the entire operation online.

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